Enterprise Zone Map

Louisiana Enterprise Zone Program

The Enterprise Zone (EZ) program incents job creation through state income and franchise tax credits to businesses offering employment to target populations. The EZ program is designed to stimulate employment in areas with high unemployment, low income and public assistance dependency. Businesses creating jobs for individuals either residing in an enterprise zone or that demonstrate one of the following may qualify: a lack of basic skills, public assistance dependency, or physical challenges. For additional information about specific eligibility requirements and the application process can be obtained through Louisiana Economic Development.

Louisiana Enterprise Zone 2014 Map Sets
Prepared by the Regional Planning Commission

Orleans Parish Enterprise Zone 2014 Map
View larger (PDF file)
Jefferson Parish Enterprise Zone 2014 Map
View larger (PDF file)
St. Tammany Parish Enterprise Zone 2014 Map
St. Tammany
View larger (PDF file)
St. Bernard Parish Enterprise Zone 2014 Map
St. Bernard
View larger (PDF file)
Plaquemines Parish Enterprise Zone 2014 Map
View larger (PDF file)



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