New Orleans Regional Planning Commission to Launch Safe Streets For Everyone – A Transportation Safety Campaign for Orleans Parish

On March 19th the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission, in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and the City of New Orleans will begin the roll out of a media campaign that reminds people driving, biking and walking to safely and courteously use the roadways in their daily travels.  The theme of the media campaign is, You’re not alone on the road.  Create safe streets for everyone.

New Orleans is one of several cities selected to participate in this safety education program because it experiences a relatively high number of crashes between people driving and walking, and people driving and bicycling. While the overall proportion of crashes relative to roadway users has declined somewhat, the increase in the number of people walking and riding bicycles has resulted in an increase in the actual number of crashes. This is not unique to New Orleans and the program is intended to lower the number of crashes. The program is largely funded through a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, with local funding provided by the Regional Planning Commission, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and City of New Orleans.

The campaign is data-driven, focusing on the CBD, French Quarter and the surrounding neighborhoods, where a disproportionately large number of crashes occur between people driving and walking, and people driving, and bicycling. This specific geographic area was identified after extensive analysis of statistics that considered high-frequency crash locations, the characteristics of the people involved and the basic causes of crashes. The results of the analysis have allowed the sponsoring agencies to craft a safety campaign that targets specific crash behaviors, participants, and locations to encourage safe driving, walking and bicycling habits that people can identify with.


Let us know about your experiences walking, biking and driving in New Orleans, and how you think safety can be improved. Your responses will help us refine our safety programs in the future.


ganos saber acerca de su experiencia caminando, andando en bicicleta y manejando en Nuevo Orleans, y como piensas que puede mejorar. Tu respuestas nos ayudara refinar nuestros programas de seguridad en el futuro.

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