Emergency Preparedness & Resilience

Regional Planning Commission Emergency Preparedness Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

FOCUS: Leverage Public and Private Sector Resources to support Emergency Management in Southeast Louisiana and South Mississippi, while streamlining the flow of accurate information between the public and private sectors. Share best practices and lessons learned, while encouraging organizations and businesses to build resilience into their continuity plans.

Additionally, we encourage businesses to register with the LA Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) for opportunities associated with rebuilding the community following a disaster. And a recap of each meeting is provided to all on the distribution list so that every organization and agency can stay abreast of the latest. Also, each recap provides points of contact for the particular issues/topics discussed, so that participants can communicate/follow-up with the experts between the monthly meetings.

PARTICIPANTS: Emergency managers, GOHSEP, LA State Police, utilities (ie; energy and communications), transportation agencies (ie; ports, roads and bridges), medical/health agencies, Federal Executive Board, National Weather Service, Corps of Engineers, universities, professional trade associations (ie; homebuilders, retailers, grocery store chains, LA Mid-Continent Oil & Gas), Red Cross, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, convention centers/sports arenas, local police & fire depts., and faith-based organizations.

Organizations and agencies are used as "force multipliers" in getting the word out on key issues and alerts.


  • Hurricane season preparations
  • Transportation, weather and other emergency alerts
  • Strategic Partnerships that build resilience in communities
  • Threat of Terrorism/Active Shooter
  • Threats to our Electric Grid and associated Critical Infrastructure Sectors
  • Contra-flow and Re-entry/Credentialing
  • Prioritization of the return of power following a disaster
  • Fuel supplies (and how storms and river levels impact those supplies)
  • Children & Disasters (how to better prepare kids and school faculty)
  • Points of Dispensing (PODs) as countermeasures to diseases/health emergencies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Vulnerable populations

POC: Chris Laborde, 504-483-8540, claborde@norpc.org

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