RPC Traffic Counting Program Update 2022-2023 Transportation System Surveillance Multimodal/Freight Corridors Regional Planning Commission RPC Task A-3.23TC; FY-23 UPWP

The purpose of this project is to support the Regional Planning Commission in updating its traffic count database.  These counts will help inform transportation planning by providing an up to date view of traffic conditions on the region’s major roadways.

This is a non-negotiated lump sum contract in the amount of $40,000. All interested firms are invited to submit their qualifications for undertaking the above study. The scope of work and Public Notice are available on the RPC website at http://www.norpc.org/requests_for_proposals.html. Credit for DBE participation will be limited to the firms certified pursuant to the Louisiana Unified Certification Program.  For convenience, DOTD provides a list on its website (http://www8.dotd.la.gov/UCP/UCPSearch.aspx) of firms that have been certified as eligible to participate as DBEs on US DOT assisted contracts.

Qualification statements are to be submitted on MPO Standard Submittal Form “Proposal to Provide Consultant Services”, for the prime and each sub-consultant.   Submit your qualifications on the Standard Submittal Form on a CD (or via email) as a single PDF file for all forms (prime and sub-consultants) AND one paper copy of your qualifications. See full Public Notice for additional information.