MTP 2022 Update

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Priorities, Strategies, and Actions

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan’s draft Priorities, Strategies, and Actions are described below. RPC welcomes feedback on these items, and will incorporate comments received into the plan.

The MTP is guided by six overarching Priorities that will be considered throughout all levels of decision making. These priorities synthesize the MTP’s planning input data, stakeholder feedback, and RPC staff expertise. The plan further identifies a series of Strategies that describe the broad activity types that will address one or more of the Priorities. Subsequent chapters of the MTP describe specific Actions that the RPC will complete, via its programs and projects, to implement the Strategies.

The RPC is currently updating the MTPs for all four Metropolitan Planning Areas (MPAs) it serves: Mandeville-Covington, New Orleans, Slidell and South Tangipahoa. In order to achieve consistency in the planning process the RPC aims to include similar Priorities, Strategies and Actions across all four MTPs. We therefore welcome comments as they relate to any of the MPAs.

Safety & Security

No transportation investment should create a risk for its users. A priority for every project will be increasing safety on the transportation system for all users, particularly those that are most vulnerable.

Sustainability & Resilience

The transportation system should minimize negative environmental impacts while also enhancing the region’s ability to withstand and recover from natural hazards.


All residents of the region will accrue benefits from the transportation system, and no person or community will suffer disproportionately from the RPC’s transportation decisions.

Economic Opportunity

The transportation system will provide residents with access to employment, facilitate the movement of goods, and connect businesses with customers.

Reliability & Connectivity

Travel times throughout the region will be predictable, and the transportation system will be easy to use.

System Preservation & Stewardship

Emphasis should be placed on maintaining and enhancing the multimodal functionality of existing infrastructure before investing in the addition of new roadway capacity.


The MTP’s Planning Priorities will be incorporated into the RPC’s planning process by implementing a series of Strategies. These Strategies direct the RPC to create policies, programs, and projects that will comprehensively address the needs previously identified in this plan. The MTP’s Priorities are interrelated, and as such many Strategies address more than one of the Priorities.

Each Strategy is summarized below, and they have been grouped by their overall impact into the following categories:

Human Impact Strategy

Focus on improving outcomes for the people who use and are affected by the transportation system.

Modal Strategies

Will improve the effectiveness of specific transportation modes.

System Strategies

Address the transportation system as a whole or functions of the RPC as an agency.

Each strategy includes specific Actions, which are tasks that the RPC staff will complete to implement the Strategies and thereby address the MTP Priorities.

Human Impact Strategies

Modal Strategies

System Strategies

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