RPC and the Environment

The Regional Planning Commission is committed to improving and protecting the environmental quality of the region.  Three main areas of our environmental focus are air quality, environmental contaminants, and flood risk mitigation.


Air Quality

Approximately 30% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions comes from the transportation industry. In efforts to improve air quality with local partners, the RPC established the Greater New Orleans Clean Air Coalition, and the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership.

  • The Clean Air Coalition is a coalition of local governments, state environmental agencies, relevant trade associations, businesses, industries, and ports who convene with the goal of finding the most effective ways to improve air quality, specifically focused on the ozone.
  • Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership (SLCFP) focuses on working with local  transportation fleets to:
    • Increase the use of cleaner fuels and alternative fuel vehicles
    • Diversify our transportation fuel sources
    • Reduce consumption of fuel by promoting fuel saving technologies and policies

Environmental Contaminants

To improve our communities, the RPC’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program focuses on converting these properties from community liabilities into community assets. Supported by grants from the U.S. EPA, the RPC’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program provides technical guidance and environmental assessments to facilitate the redevelopment of Brownfield sites in Southeast Louisiana.

Flood Risk Mitigation

In conjunction with the state Louisiana Watershed Initiation, the RPC is working with local partners to establish a regional committee. The future watershed coalition will work on a holistic approach with a wide variety of partners to address water issues on a regional level.