Roads and Highways

The Backbone of Transportation

Roads and highways are the backbone of the region’s transportation system. They carry the vast majority of travelers, whether they are walking, biking, riding public transit, or transporting commercial freight. The RPC strives to maintain a state of good repair on the street network while also ensuring safety and ease of use for all road users.

Regional Coordination

Maintaining and improving the region’s roadways requires close coordination among multiple entities, including local governments, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, the US Department of Transportation, and public transit agencies. The RPC works with each of these to maintain communication across jurisdictional boundaries and to ensure that the goals and standards of each agency are met.

Balancing Priorities

Given the large proportion of travel that takes place on roads and highways, it is inevitable that there will be competing priorities among the traveling public and the various stakeholder entities. As a Metropolitan Planning Organization, it is the RPC’s responsibility to identify these widespread transportation needs and balance them to the extent possible. The RPC engages in a number of programs to address the region’s diverse travel priorities through road and highway planning, including: