2022 Obligated Projects

Federal legislation requires that MPO’s, in coordination with the state and public transportation operators, annually develop a listing of projects for which federal transportation funds were obligated in the preceding program year. An obligation refers to the funding commitment made by the federal grantor agency (Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or Federal Transit Administration (FTA)) to pay the federal share of a project’s capital or operating cost.

Each year the RPC works cooperatively with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) and the region’s transit properties in preparing the Annual Listings for each of the MPO’s housed at the RPC for the preceding Federal Fiscal Year. To aid ease of reference and avoid duplication of efforts this report includes the Listing for each MPO in a single document. The Listings include projects obligated from October 1 of last calendar year to September 30 of this calendar year (i.e., the Federal Fiscal Year). Projects are organized by MPA, parish, and state project number. For each project, the following information is provided: a brief description of the project (e.g., pedestrian path, overlay, reconstruction, etc.), project sponsor, bid letting date, federal funding source, federal funds programed in the TIP, and federal funds obligated. Appendix A includes the Federal Transaction List provided by DOTD for all MPA’s served by the RPC. This list was used to derive transaction dates and federal funds spent during the fiscal year

Annual List of Obligated Projects