Public Transportation

Our Region’s Transit

 The New Orleans region is served by seven public transit providers, operating a mix of services ranging from rural demand response to bus, streetcar and ferry service. The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and Jefferson Transit (JET) are the region’s two largest transit operators, and both agencies serve on the RPC’s Transportation Policy Committee.

RPC’s Transit Coordination

The RPC works with the regional transit operators to identify capital projects for the region’s various short- and long-term transportation plans and coordinate between the agencies and other transportation stakeholders.

RPC’s Transit Studies & Plans

The RPC also conducts comprehensive planning projects and studies for the agencies. Major recent projects include:

Rideshare Program

The RPC co-hosts the Commuter Krewe rideshare program in partnership with the Acadiana Planning Commission (APC), Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC), and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD).

Rideshare Program

The goal of the Commuter Krewe program is to provide commuting solutions to the region’s workers and employers that reduce congestion and single-occupancy car trips. 

Join a Commuter Krewe

Employees in the region can use Commuter Krewe’s ride matching system to find others who live and work near them and to arrange a shared commute to work. For more information, visit the Commuter Krewe’s website.