Pedestrian and Bicycle

What is the Pedestrian and Bicycle Program?

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Program of the RPC uses a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive planning process to enhance security, safety and access for people walking and bicycling. 


The Regional Planning Commission’s mission is to ensure the transportation mobility choice of walking or bicycling safely exists for all citizens. We work to accomplish this with data-driven analysis and decision-making; planning and design for comprehensive land use and sustainable transportation; and a range of educational and outreach tools.


  • To reduce the number of fatal or severe bicycle and pedestrian crashes.
  • To provide planning and policy assistance to create and utilize Complete Streets strategies that support pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • To improve the connectivity, safety, and accessibility of non-motorized networks for people of all physical abilities.
  • To design and deploy appropriate countermeasures on all public infrastructure that follows federal guidance and best practices. 
  • To collect non-motorized data.
  • To increase public outreach.

Highlighted Projects

  1. New Orleans Bicycle Map Update 2020 in partnership with LHSC and Bike Easy
  2. Southshore Regional Traffic Safety Coalition Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan 2020
  3. General Meyer Avenue Complete Streets Study 2019
  4. City of Madisonville Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan 2018
  5. St. Charles Parish Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan 2018
  6. St. Bernard Parish Bikeway and Pedestrian Plan Update 2017