Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI)

What is LWI?

The Council on Watershed Management was tasked with empowering local jurisdictions and communities to implement regional, long-term solutions that follow watershed boundaries to better reduce community flood risk. 


The Initiative is poised to serve as a model for maximizing the financial, intellectual and government resources to ensure long-term sustainability and safety for all Louisiana residents.

LWI Goals

To serve as the program where floodplain management responsibilities are coordinated across federal, state and local agencies. To build a foundation of data, projects, policies, standards and guidance via expert advisors.


The RPC is currently acting as the fiscal agent for Region 8 during the duration of the LWI Regional Capacity Building Grant. As fiscal agent, the RPC will facilitate the establishment of the Region 8 watershed coalition.

Currently the Region 8 watershed coalition is in the planning phase under the Regional Steering Committee. Past Regional Steering Committee meeting materials can be located here.