How Fast Is Your Wi-Fi?

NORPC needs your help to measure internet speeds to gauge broadband accessibility throughout the region.

Throughout an innovative online crowd-sourcing platform, the Delta Regional Authority‘s (DRA) Speed Test will give us granular data that will help provide funding for broadband infrastructure improvements that ensure everyone has reliable internet access.

Bridging the Digital Divide

As we have all experienced over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic spotlighted significant gaps in internet accessibility across the country. The Delta, especially rural areas, has been shown to lack adequate digital infrastructure to support access to critical services
such as healthcare, distance learning, and remote work. In response to these challenges, the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) has announced the Delta Broadband Mapping Project, and NORPC is proud to support DRA on this initiative.

The #DeltaSpeedTest

The test will measure your actual upload and download speeds and give you an opportunity to tell us about your service. It takes less than one minute to complete and can be taken on any internet-connected device.

Data-Driven Policy

Telework & telehealth are now vital parts of our local economy and we are in urgent need of expanding broadband access to all our residents.

DRA is undertaking a regional internet speed testing initiative to support data-driven policy and decision making. The goal of this project is to create a regional map of internet availability and speeds, which will help you attain funding opportunities for your communities.